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    Over 30 courses from NVQ to BTEC, enabling success

    Our courses

  • Fromage

    Dairy, milk courses and training courses

  • Agroalimentaire

    Food industry, drinks technologies courses

  • Eau

    Water management courses, environmental process engineering

  • Labo Pipette

    Laboratory, biotechnological and analyses courses

Over 30 courses from NVQ to BTEC, enabling success

Offering students an environment which favours and triggers their success.

Buoyant professions, professional sectors which are recruiting heavily:

  • the dairy sector
  • food industry
  • drinks
  • quality
  • biotechnological analyses
  • water management.



To our futures students and trainees, to their parents, I will simply say that in choosing one of the ENIL institutes in France (Public Agricultural Training Establishments), you are choosing academic, personal and professional success.

Gabrielle Fournier



 In order for you to succeed in them, we have assembled all the conditions needed to succeed, including:

  • Effective scientific and professional training courses, for every level, agile to meet everybody’s needs (academic, apprenticeship or further education);
  • Permanent accompaniment from the teachers and trainers always available and present in the establishment that you can request advice from;
  • Pleasant and high-quality living and training conditions: on-site lodging and restaurant, scientific laboratories, two technological halls of 5000m² each;
  • the possibility of training courses abroad, with French and European financial assistance and partnerships with teaching establishments throughout the European Union (thanks to the ERASMUS network), in Canada, Africa, South America…
  • Strong ties to professionals, institutes, and research organisations, which guarantee the required high levels of skill, quality and up-to-date teaching method


Beyond your training, you will also benefit from:

  • possibilities of rapid professional employment;
  • significant possibilities of professional progress in France or abroad;
  • possibility of continuing your studies at each level.