Stage -Soft cheese n°24


NIVEAU : Perfectionnement


DUREE : 4,6 jours - 31.5 heures
ANIMATEUR : Melinda Lefevre


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ENIL : Poligny
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Professionals should ideally have basic knowledge in microbiological and chemical aspects of cheese making.


- Theorical lectures on basic knowledge of cheesemaking technology
- Practical sessions in pilot plant to apply skills to real work
- Discussion about practical session results, study-cases, problems solving…
- Tasting of various French soft cheeses …
- Visit of a soft cheese plant


After this training, participants will be able to
- Explain milk composition and its impact on milk quality for soft cheese making
- Characterise soft cheeses
- Explain how main parameters (pH, temperature, type and rate of starters, coagulating agents, coagulation times …) act in soft cheese manufacture
- Act on a process to change soft cheese characteristics


• Soft cheese making technology courses :

Milk quality for soft cheese production and problematics
Problem of fermentation in soft cheese : lactic bacteria, yeasts and moulds
From milk to curd : milk standardisation, coagulation and drainage
From curd to cheese : salting and ripening
Soft cheese packaging

• Soft cheese practical sessions :

Manufacture of 3 types (solubilised & stabilized soft cheese, traditional Camembert and mixed soft cheese) to compare :
Soft cheese making technology: milk preparation and maturing, renneting, coagulation and drainage
Cheeses characteristics : dry matter, fat, moisture on fat free basis, pH, mineralization, texture …


Event Properties

Event Date 27-03-2023 8:30
Event End Date 31-03-2023 12:00
Individual Price 1 700 €
Location National Dairy School (ENILBIO) of Poligny (France)
Categories Dairy Technologies training course,
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