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Stage -Soft cheese

NIVEAU : advanced level


Duration : 4 days- 28 hours

Trainer: Joelle BIRCHNER

Training language : English

Cours's place

ENILBIO (french national dairy industry
institute) - 6 Rue de Versailles – F-39800 POLIGNY
We are located in the heart of Franche-comté, the first region for
the manufacturing of raw milk cheeses and spreadable cheeses.
Dairy industry school of Poligny is training technicians and
experts in dairy companies since 1889.


Who we are: As a member of the National Dairy Schools Network and the European Association of
Dairy technologists, our school trains students and dairy professionnals from all over the world.

Information and registrations

ENIL : Poligny
Tél. :
Contact : Isabelle FRIMOUT – isabelle.frimout@educagri.fr

Tel 03 84 37 27 24
Fax 03 84 37 08 61
Email : accueil@anfopeil-enil.fr

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Professionals should ideally have basic knowledge in microbiological and chemical aspects of cheese making.

E-learning formation (Webalim™) is available for reaching pre-requisites. Please contact us for more informations.


In the case of an insufficient number of participants, ANFOPEIL may cancel or postpone the training course. The applicant will be informed of this decision at least 2 weeks before the starting date of the training course.


- Theorical lectures on basic knowledge of cheesemaking technology
- Practical sessions in pilot plant to apply skills to real work
- Discussion about practical session results, study-cases, problems solving…
- Tasting of various French soft cheeses …
- Visit of a soft cheese plant


After this training, participants will be able to
- Explain milk composition and its impact on milk quality for soft cheese making
- Characterise soft cheeses
- Explain how main parameters (pH, temperature, type and rate of starters, coagulating agents, coagulation times …) act in soft cheese manufacture
- Act on a process to change soft cheese characteristics


• Soft cheese making technology courses :
Milk quality for soft cheese production and problematics
Problem of fermentation in soft cheese : lactic bacteria, yeasts and moulds
From milk to curd : milk standardisation, coagulation and drainage
From curd to cheese : salting and ripening
Soft cheese packaging
• Soft cheese practical sessions :
Manufacture of 3 types (solubilised & stabilized soft cheese, traditional Camembert and mixed soft cheese) to compare :
Soft cheese making technology: milk preparation and maturing, renneting, coagulation and drainage
Cheeses characteristics : dry matter, fat, moisture on fat free basis, pH, mineralization, texture …
This training is then available for specific training session in your cheese factory.


The trainees will be assessed at the end of each training course in the form of questionnaires, oral
evaluation with the trainer or practical tests. The type of assessment will depend on the topics
covered on the course and the type of activities (theory and/or practical).


A document and a certificate will be awarded to the trainee and/or the trainee’s company
At the end of the course the trainee will be able to validate a block of skills after deliberation by the
certification commission of the Enil Certification Body.

Résumé du stage

Commence le 27-03-2023 8:30
Finit le 31-03-2023 12:00
Prix individuel 1 700 €
Lieu ENILBIO Poligny
Catégorie(s) Stages en anglais sur les technologies fromagères,Stages fromages et technologies laitières
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ENILBIO Poligny  :  03 84 73 76 76

ENIL Mamirolle  :  03 81 55 92 00

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